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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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Walrus + Carpenter

Our Story

The Walrus story began in 2013 with the desire to offer a truly unique American experience from the mastery of southern-inspired smoking techniques to our hand-selected craft beers, wines and liquors. The original Walrus + Carpenter was serving the artistic community of Black Rock, Connecticut for 7 years. Since then, Walrus Alley has opened in Westport, Connecticut, offering Southern hospitality to the area.

True to the American experience, Walrus is an independent, family-owned and operated establishment. Owner, Joseph Farrell grew up in Westport, went to Fairfield Prep, and continues to be a proud member of the Connecticut-community.

Smoked Meats

In true southern style, we smoke all our meats for hours to make them tender and juicy, before serving them warm on your plate.

American Spirits

Our focus is on American beer, wine, and liquor.  We are that committed to giving you the true American South experience.

Slice of Pie

We make all our own desserts in-house, with our favorite style being pie. From Pecan Pie to Chess Pie, you can’t go wrong.

Walrus Alley's Chef

Chef Jonathan Vaast

Chef Jon Vaast joined the Walrus team in 2015, after more than a decade at the well regarded, farm-to-table restaurant The Dressing Room in Westport. He is a James Beard Foundation Professional Member with a passion for well-balanced flavor, enthusiasm for craft beer, and an understanding of how to take a simple cut of meat and turn it into a masterpiece. Chef Jon’s influences at Walrus have brought the restaurant to the top of Connecticut’s “Must Eat” list with awards and notoriety from media and social influencer alike.

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and the man himself

Owner, Joe Farrell

Joe Farrell started in the restaurant world waiting tables in college. He spent many years trying to find his niche in the world, working in New York City’s commercial real estate sector and later as a teacher at Fairfield Prep. But the world of restaurants kept calling him back. With his family by his side, Joe opened Walrus + Carpenter in 2013, following this with Rothbard Ale + Larder (Westport, CT) in 2015. In 2020, Rothbard Ale + Larder was changed to Walrus Alley, adapting the menu and ambiance to the well-reviewed Southern flavors Walrus had become known for.

With over a decade of restaurant experience under his belt and his family by his side, Joe has learned to trust his gut, recognize the value of a strong team, and that enjoying a good meal is what it all comes down to.

Walrus is a place to have a cool beer, listen to some great music, and meet up with some good people. Adorned with clean lines, cool colors, and artistic accents, Walrus has a warm vibe that welcomes guests and allows them to escape the outside world for the time of a meal or a drink.

Walrus has been collaborating with local breweries to offer unique and notable beers under the Walrus Ale + Lager name. These beers can be found on tap, at the breweries, and in cans across Connecticut.

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