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“Walrus Alley in Westport is now open for lunch on Fridays as of 11:30 AM! We love Walrus and have been fans FOREVER! They used to have a location in Black Rock that we frequented even though they gave us Bud Light 40s in brown paper bags, but that’s a story for another day…

Don’t worry, they have TONS of amazing craft beer + cocktail options as always. We have enjoyed Walrus + Carpenter, their food truck, and now Walrus Alley in all of their forms. We must say that this beauty pictured above is our fave and our go-to. Walrus is the BEST at fried chicken in all forms. It comes with pickles, slaw, chipotle aioli, potato bun + fries.

We hear they’re going to start serving the most amazing combo – a Family Style plate of Fried Chicken with a bottle of Champagne.

8 Piece Southern Fried Chicken Dinner with Biscuits + Honey Sriracha

D’Artagnan Chicken, Buttermilk/Herb Brined, Dredged in Spiced Flour, and Fried to perfection. Paired with a bottle of Clotilde Cremant de Bourgogne

Owner Joseph Farrell grew up in Westport, Connecticut, went to Fairfield Prep and was actually a math teacher there in the 2007-2008 semester! He was a General Manager of Meetinghouse Food + Spirits for several years before opening Walrus + Carpenter in Black Rock ten years ago.

Their executive chef, Chef Jonathan Vaast, worked at CT’s First Farm to Table restaurant, the Dressing Room, for a decade which was founded by internationally renowned chef Michel Nischan and the late actor Paul Newman (no biggie). He joined the Walrus team in 2015 and is a James Beard Foundation Professional Member with a passion for well-balanced flavor, enthusiasm for craft beer, and an understanding of how to take a simple cut of meat and turn it into a masterpiece. His influences have brought the restaurant to the top of Connecticut’s “Must Eat” list with awards and notoriety from media and social influencer alike.

In 2015, Rothbard Ale + Larder was opened at 90 Post Road E in Westport, CT right under where Don Memo currently sits. When Walrus + Carpenter closed in March of 2020, Rothbard Ale + Larder become Walrus Alley and they pivoted to street meat with their food trailer, to-go cocktails, growlers, chicken sammies, and to-go brunch options. They did try to plan us a great closing party, but the stupid rona had other plans.

They were very diligent about making sure that their to-go food was as good as possible – even when reheated. Our to-go bag that we received with all the food we couldn’t finish (cause we had to order all of the things) even had stapled instructions for reheating. We haven’t seen that anywhere since the height of the pandemic and we super appreciated the instructions to reheat our delicious food at home.

Even after takeout options have dwindled at local area restaurants, they still offer lots of awesomeness to go….

“The Notorious PIG” (feeds 4) with baby back ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, smoked turkey, mac + cheese, baked beans, collard greens, cornbread, coleslaw, house pickles

“Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” (feeds 4) with an 9 piece bucket of southern fried chicken (whole bird), chopped iceberg wedge salad, mac + cheese, baked beans, 4 biscuits, coleslaw, and house pickles

“Lay Off Me I’m Starving” (feeds 4) with hush puppies, chicken wings, baby back ribs, pulled pork shoulder, fried chicken, wedge salad, mac + cheese, baked beans, cornbread, coleslaw, house pickles

“Mom, What’s for Dinner?” (feeds 4) with fried chicken, baby back ribs, wedge salad, mac + cheese, baked beans, cornbread, coleslaw, house pickles + 2 kids meals

Could these guys get any better!? We think not! They are super into live music – which will be starting up once the weather is a little nicer, work vending at shows (especially over at Levitt) with their food trailer and even did a catering partnership with Park City Music Hall called the “The Last Waltzrus“. From Park City Music Hall “Way back in 2015, a stroke of genius led the proprietors of Walrus + Carpenter to host an evening celebrating The Band’s famed final performance at Winterland on the eve of Thanksgiving, 1976. Over the years it grew and grew until Walrus + Carpenter became Walrus Alley in 2020, leaving Black Rock without a venue for this incredible event.”

But wait, there’s MORE! We have to say the coolest thing we have learned about Joe and his wife Angela is how great of a team they are. We see a lot when interacting with these business owners and this industry is notoriously hard on relationships. We have thoroughly enjoyed conversations had with these two, impressed with their ethos in raising their children and being great members of the community, and did we mention they make phenomenal desserts!?

See y’all there for lunch on Fridays. They open at 11:30 AM and Matt behind the bar will make you a killer drink (and his mom makes a phenom chicken casserole….but yet another story for another day)…”

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