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“Over the last decade, Walrus Alley has emerged as a beacon of culinary excellence in their Westport location, while revolutionizing the catering landscape with their distinctive flair for Southern delicacies and succulent smoked meats. This cherished family-owned establishment takes immense pleasure in gracing countless local dining traditions. From moist Smoked Turkey during Thanksgiving, to rich Rib eye at Christmas, to the fiery Tennessee Hot Wings for Super Bowl celebrations, they’ve covered it all. A favorite at weddings, it is heartwarming to note that numerous couples revisit Walrus Alley each year on their anniversaries, reminiscing about their special day with the same dishes that once adorned their wedding feasts. Be it an intimate backyard gathering, milestone birthday celebration, professional corporate event, or anything in between, Walrus Alley’s mobile catering crafts a menu tailored perfectly for the event. Able to accommodate most food sensitivities and preferences, Walrus puts great care into all their dishes, be it a vegetarian Tofu Stir Fry, gluten-free Smoked Brisket and Smoked Pork Tacos, or pork-free Deviled Eggs and Southern Fried Chicken.”

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